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August 20, 2022
best sexologist clinic in Delhi

Best tips for better sex in marriage and tricks with powerful bedroom

Is there a lack of sex in your marriage?

I think everyone has been there once or twice in their life. But there are tangible ways and tips for better sex and reignite the passion in your sly sex life.

Give no hope of improving sex in marriage, as the list of best advice and sex tips for healthy married life includes making real efforts to build a certain level of comfort, have fun, and shake your routine between the sheets.

Start not relying on things outside of your marriage to ‘spice it up’. Sex can be greatly enhanced if both spouses agree to work on it and follow helpful tips for better sex.

Making sex better in marriage is not as difficult a task as it seems.

Sex and physical intimacy come naturally in a relationship, with time it loses its spark at some height, but it does not disappear. All you have to do is rediscover the passion you once shared with your partner.

Here are three tips on how to have better sex in marriage.

1. Have sex more often

There are a few things that happen when you make sex a priority.

The first is that the more you have sex, the more you want it. i t has been a fact in my own life, as have numerous other couples with whom I have spoken.

One of the key tips for sex before marriage is that the more you have sex, the more you want sex. Try it, it’s true when it comes to answering how to have more sex in marriage.

Second, it needs to get better all the time.

Sex is a physical activity. And just like any other physical activity, you need to exercise to get better.

Think about it, are sports legends created during the day or do they work consistently to be able to perform the way they do ? The answer is obvious.

While some are naturally better than others, everyone needs practice to reach their true potential. Exercise makes perfect.

Do not get me wrong here, I’m not saying you should have sex every day.

I know this is not helpful for most people. I say you need to have more sex to make it better. Perhaps increasing the number of times you do it with just a little bit.

To improve sex in marriage, you need to be intentional about it.

It is one of the most powerful tips for better sex.

As you do so, your partner will begin to know your body more and you will begin to get to know your partners. Once you know how to navigate through each other’s bodies and how to push each other over the orgasmic edge, sex becomes awesome.

2. Turn on the lights

Have you heard that men are visual?

Unless you have lived under a rock, I know you know that this study finds that most men are visual beings. (I know there are women who are visual too!).

Hence, it only makes sense to turn on the lights during sex would enhance the experience.

But, alas, it can be difficult to be comfortable in your own skin , And if you’re something like me, a woman, you have a hard time loving how your body looks.

This thought process makes it incredibly uncomfortable to want to turn on the lights when you are naked!

Trust me here when you make crib notes about tips for better sex, there is no need to feel bad about how you look, because nine times out of ten, your husband thinks you look great; especially naked.

Once you realize this fact, take the lead on your self-image in bed.

  • Make it a habit to be confident with your body.
  • Try not to meet all the exact standards projected by media.
  • Be comfortable in your own skin.

These are the best sex tips in marriage to blow your partner’s mind on bed and have a great role between the likes.

Tips to improve sex in marriage include not letting a negative body image mess with your head.

Body positivity, variety of body size and acceptance are the buzzwords about how to have better sex in marriage.

On the other hand, men who ask them how they can have good sex in marriage try to make sure your spouse knows how much you like to see her naked , Tell her how beautiful she really is.

This alone will help your spouse to be much more confident and open to enlightenment!

3. Speak openly and have a productive sex conversation

Having an open, honest conversation about your sex life is important, This is one of the simplest tips for better sex.

Sex can improve in any relationship, but both people need to be able to express their needs without embarrassment. Focusing on needs is one of the most important tips for better sex and a happy relationship.

  • Do you create an environment where both you and your partner can comfortably talk to each other about these things?
  • Do you create an environment in which you expect your other half to be a mind reader?

Listen, expect your spouse to read your mind about everything is angry. Expecting your spouse to know exactly what you want in bed is just not realistic.

Try to practice what you like and what you do not do when you have sex.

Encourage your spouse to continue doing the things that feel great and, without being hurtful, explain the things that are not so great.

These conversations can be a little awkward at first. However, talking about these things can not only make your sex life better.

Talk to your spouse about opening up to each other in bed today.

  • There is no magic solution when it comes to sex in marriage.
  • People are not born with exceptional skills for infatuated love.

It takes work and intensity to create and maintain a great sex life with your spouse.

These tips for better sex can really make a difference in your marriage.

Dr P K Gupta, sexologist in Delhi, truly believes that if you start putting these three things into practice, you and your spouse can enjoy better sex in your marriage today!