Sure you have heard about premature ejaculation. Many men suffer from this problem and it is often confused with the fact of “spending less time in bed.” Premature ejaculation is a problem that occurs when ejaculation occurs in a continuous and continuous manner before or after penetration. Of course, this situation always occurs against men and has nothing to do with penis size, and premature ejaculation treatment in Delhi is very effective.

What is premature ejaculation?

First of all, you need to be very clear about the concept. There are many people who start with penetration and after four minutes they ejaculate. This is often said to be premature ejaculation, but it has nothing to do with it. The endurance of a man in the face of penetration has to do with the level of sensitivity, arousal, etc.

To be able to speak of premature ejaculation, it should appear continuously and really cause problems for one or both members of the couple. If it is primary premature ejaculation, we mean that it prevents the first sexual intercourse until it is acquired later.

In a simple way, we can say that premature ejaculation occurs before both members of the couple want it. This factor causes serious problems in sexual relations, especially if it occurs continuously.


This problem can occur in both men and women. This usually happens on occasions when you are very upset. However, the problem starts to appear when it occurs in most sexual intercourse.

Studies that have been done indicate that the problem affects 30% of men. Despite this, one is afraid to consult the sexologist doctor in Delhi. There is no fixed age at which this problem can appear. The incidence is somewhat higher in younger men. The most inexperienced do not control the doses of pleasure properly and end up against their will. So premature ejaculation treatment in Delhi is suggested at the earliest.

The problem

There are several recent studies that have looked into the cause of premature ejaculation. Among these causes we find:

  • Loss of self-esteem.
  • Anxiety in the man and in his partner.
  • Poor satisfaction with your sex life.
  • Low level of partner satisfaction.

The man affected by this problem is so immersed in it that he does not enjoy sexual intercourse. The consequences for the woman are manifested in a diminution of her pleasure and an inability to reach orgasm. Recent studies confirm that there is an association between a man’s inability to maintain ejaculation and your partner’s sexual dysfunction.

This problem causes a strong emotional impact and the longer it lasts, the more negative effects it has on sexual function. The advice that is most often given is that if there is a problem, consult a sexologist in Delhi who is an expert in the field.

Causes of premature ejaculation

In many cases, the cause is unknown. However, there are mainly psychological and organic problems that it can produce.

Most men experience rapid ejaculation with their first intercourse. They generally begin to control the speed of their ejaculations as their experience of sexual intercourse increases. This creates an environment in which you increase your self-confidence.

The main psychological causes for not controlling ejaculation are fear, difficulty learning, guilt, and fear of not being a good lover. All negative feelings improve failures after the first bad experiences. As a result, there is more and more fear and frustration.

There are other organic causes such as chronic prostatitis, drug intake, thyroid problems, neurological diseases. In many cases, both factors can occur at the same time.

How to overcome premature ejaculation

If this problem only occurs occasionally, there is nothing to worry about. You can discuss the situation with your partner and try to control your fear and guilt. In this way, ejaculation is controlled.

If the problem lasts longer and causes discomfort to the couple, it is better to consult a sexologist in Delhi as soon as possible. Patients with this problem should be treated in addition to impotence for erectile dysfunction. The doctor should always explain to you the premature ejaculation treatment in Delhi that is available and the benefits as well as risks that each of them entails.

There are two types of basic treatments.

  • Psychologically, these are based on mentalizing the individual about the correction of their problem and reducing the guilt. It is done through psychotherapy and behavioral therapies.
  • They are the ones who use medications like Dapoxetine and anesthetic creams on the penis.


If you think you are suffering from this problem, it is better to go to a sex specialist in Delhi or talk to your partner as soon as possible. Your mind can be your worst enemy and You blame yourself, do not repair things. It is a problem that is contrary to the will of the individual. Therefore, you and your partner need to be patient and deal with the problem together.